Avoid The Dreaded Chafe

Avoid The Dreaded Chafe

Conquer the Chub Rub: Your Guide to Stopping Chafing

Chafe, Chub-Rub, Runners Nipple, thigh-rub, can be a real drag. But fear not,  here's how to keep your workouts smooth and irritation-free.

Dress for Success:

Ditch the baggy: Loose clothes flap around, creating friction. Opt for fitted cycling shorts or ones with built-in liners to minimize skin-on-skin contact.

Say no to rough seams: Inner seams can be a recipe for disaster. Look for seamless options or shorts with strategically placed seams.

Moisture matters: Synthetic, moisture-wicking fabrics are your best friends. They draw sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Skincare Savvy:

Hydration is key: Dry skin chafes easier. Keep your skin well-moisturized with lotions or creams.

Lubrication Love:

Natural is the way to go: Choose anti-chafing balms or lubricants with natural ingredients to create a protective barrier. Coconut oil is a great option - it hydrates, soothes, and may even help with healing.

Early research suggests CBD may offer skin-soothing and hydrating benefits, making it a valuable addition to our anti-chafing formula.

With these simple steps, you can say goodbye to chafing and hello to a more comfortable workout experience!

The Runk Anti-Chafe Sports Balm With CBD has been designed to help keep you comfortable!

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