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Runk. We are Jayne and Vaughan. These are our Values:

Runk grew from the desire to have a natural lip balm for runners, to have natural products with plastic free packaging, and to be kind to the planet.  Our values and beliefs are what has helped us shape our business and guide us on how we operate. Yes we will make mistakes on our journey but we will work hard to keep these values throughout our actions and decision process.

Everyone Can Run

We believe anyone can run, and we want to support those on their journey whether they are lacing up their trainers for the first time or crossing the finish line of an ultra-marathon. Running is an inclusive sport, and we want to ensure we are an inclusive business. 

Diversity and capability and supporting everyone to run it’s part of our foundations, It’s what got us started with Jayne’s couch to 5k journey. Vaughan coaches  a small local running club, which really does have a wide range of abilities and has supported runners through many personal challenges. Therefore we are keen to make sure our products are loved by all, no matter where they are on their running journey, 

Our Runk Running Club will epitomise this and will welcome and support all.

Caring For The Environment

We care about our environment whether local or global. We will select sustainable ingredients, sustainable products and sustainable packaging. 

Our aim is to have no chemicals in our products, although this may not alway be possible, we will always clearly state in english, what is in our products. . 

Our packaging will remove as much plastic as possible.

We will strive to use Palm Oil alternatives. Where Palm Oil is used, it will be certified organic, sustainable and from RSPO member farms only.

Our accessories will have a sustainable benefit, such as a flask to remove the need for plastic bottles.

Our clothing range will be sustainable and ethically sourced. Our garments will be made from Organic or Recycled fabrics.

The garments used will be accredited to stringent national standards such as 

Do The Right Thing

We won’t restrict ourselves by our own policies and procedures, where they are not needed, allowing us the agility to do what’s right.. We will always follow safety and legislative requirements, but we will also be guided by the right thing. 

Right thing being

  • no debt or financial transactions beyond our means. 
  • Sustainable products at the heart of what we do 
  • Treating our customers fairly and meeting their expectations. 
  • Treating our suppliers fairly

We must always comply with the law, and do what we believe is right, and be kind to customers, environment, and suppliers.

Have An Adventure

…and last by no means least, it has to be fun… This journey has to be fun, exciting, and take us to new places and push our comfort zone or there is no point. 



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