Lacing up in winter

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TIP 1 – Run today not tomorrow

Don’t put that run off. There is never a bad day to start. If you’re feeling down, run, if you’re feeling happy, run, if you’re feeling stressed, run. Your mind and body will feel better for it.

Tip 2 – It’s always running weather.

There is no such thing as bad weather, just a different experience. If it’s sunny, make sure you are properly hydrated before you run, wear sunscreen and consider a hat or sunglasses. Try and go when it’s cooler.

If it’s raining or cold, consider some chafing cream, and a thin waterproof jacket.

Tip 3 – Take one run at a time.

Don’t worry about tomorrow’s run, just concentrate on today’s, don’t worry how you are going to finish today’s, just think about the start, and take each step, each interval, each minute, each metre as it comes. You will surprise yourself, and be proud of what you achieve.

Tip 4 – Take it slow.

Most programmes include interval training. When it says recover, do! This is your time to recover, don’t be embarrassed, don’t think you need to do it faster, these are your recovery steps, don’t forget you will have to do these for 20+ minutes, so you may find the pace easy to start with, but can you sustain it?

For general runs, go out at a steady pace, don’t go sprinting, as you’re new to running, it may only be marginally quicker, than your recovery, but that’s ok. The goal is to complete the session, not to run a part of it very fast and give up. You are running, there is no magical speed, that walk is now a run. You are a runner, and as the weeks go by, you will get fitter, stronger and faster.

Tip 5 – Rest and don’t stress

Try and have a rest day between each run, and two days at the end of the week. Don’t stress if your week doesn’t always start on the same day. My wife used the idea of rolling weeks, she would aim to have 3 runs every 7 days.

Listen to your body. Don’t go out too far too fast too soon, slowly build the mileage and speed

There is no fast forward, make sure you do every planned session if you can’t do a run for a day or two don’t think about jumping ahead.

If you can’t run for a week, let’s face it, life gets in the way sometimes, don’t worry, just consider going back a week.

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