About Runk


About Runk

Vaughan and Jayne Cartoon

In autumn 2019, new runner Jayne was having her first taste of running in the cold weather having completed couch to 5K in the hot sweaty summer months.
As her times and distances improved there was just one thing she kept struggling with – dry, chapped lips! Her usual balms just weren’t up to the job of keeping her lips moisturised as she battled the cold winds.
Following an extensive search in local shops and online Jayne failed to find a lip balm or similar product specifically designed to help protect runner’s lips.
After returning from another cold run and complaining to husband Vaughan about her chapped lips he agreed it was something he also struggled with. Having run numerous 10k and half marathon races Vaughan was in the depths of training for the Paris marathon and with the harsh winter months approaching he decided to take action!

How it all started.

From the first google search of ‘how to make a lip balm’ the idea of Runk was born. Starting with batch letter A, and working all the way through to Z (including multiple minor variations and many full notebooks!) they have strived to achieve the best consistency and combination of natural ingredients to get the perfect lip balm – all from their own kitchen.

Many friends and family have helped them along the way, all eager to sample the balms and give their valuable feedback.

Trying different essential oils they have come up with a selection of their personal favourites including, mint, coffee and orange.

Building on their lip balms they now have a range of products to help runners look after their bodies.

Knowing their products are made from naturally sourced ingredients has been important to Jayne and Vaughan and they’ll continue this passion as they look for new and exciting ways to develop their range.

They now hope to inspire others to share their love for running whilst also being kind to their skin.