Why it pays to slow down!

Why it pays to slow down!

Slow Down!

Slow down, no really if you want to go faster slow down. 

Whilst it can be a challenge and against our own personal ego to have a slow run, a slow run is so important to the foundations of your running. 

Don’t beat yourself up over a slow run. Don’t go out and try and get a PB each week. Running hard and fast every time is a sure fire way to get tired and fatigued legs or worse, injured. 

Remember what your long term goals are, and focus on a plan to get there. Too many times I hear people training for 5k say they smashed 9min miles, but gave up after 3k. I always ask them, what’s the goal? Is it to smash a 1k PB or to achieve a 5k, without stopping. Focus your training on the challenge ahead.  

Very rarely will you run your race pace in training. You will run long slow runs, tempo runs, speed sessions but your programme wont have you running your PB pace, run after run. 

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